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Putting your hand over a girls mouth to stop people hearing her moaning is the hottest thing

Kissing her and letting her moan into your mouth is even sexier


Anonymous: i am xnewagex, anyway, i think Brazil scares everyone, but the people of here, are different, can understand ? It's the most affective people in the world, its so amazing be a brazilian! Of course, like any another country, we have our problems, but, well... Which Country don't have problems ?

All have problems I’m not judging I just don’t know anything about Brazil:)

Anonymous: Brazil it's soooo amazing, i am sure you're gonna love here! I am block now baby

I believe so but I really don’t see myself living in Brazil it kinda freaks me out idk why, what do you mean your block now?

Anonymous: For how long do you think you'll work where you work now?

I’ve worked there since April and I’m not rushing anything my boss wants to have me after the summer and told me that I can decide when I want to leave so I’m not in any rush but it’s like 5 hours from my hometown that I like. But my sister is a hotel manager at a hotel like 1-2 hours away from here and she told me that I could get a job there, so I can’t choose because I love being here! But yeah I think that I will be here till like February then I have enough money to leave Iceland I have nothing to do tbh

Anonymous: ever wondered who is sending you all these questions I couldn't handle it! Maybe its just a curious person, Maybe you know them already or maybe the person also lives in Iceland or maybe you have a stalker.... you just don't know. Dont you think that's kinda creepy haha?

Haha I never thought about this until you said it. But I doubt that this person lives in Iceland. I find these anon messages weird and I feel silly answering them but I do it anyway haha

Anonymous: sooooo, come to Brazil!!!!

Soooo,come off anon. It would really matter where and I haven’t looked Brazil well up

Anonymous: Are you going to gaypride this year on Iceland my family and I are thinking about coming to Iceland and Maybe stay while it lasts :D

Yeah I think so, come off anon!

Anonymous: Where are you going to move?

I want to move to the US or somewhere where it’s hot

Anonymous: What kind of festival is this and how long does it last? :)

It’s like 4 days and see for you’re self

This is the video from Saturday but Sunday is always the best!

And this is from last year but I don’t like the song that was chosen Watch till the end!
Anonymous: 10 honest facts about you?

Ohhhh I hate doing that

1. I work at Iceland air hotels
2. I’m 19
3. I work almost every fucking day and till 12-1 in the morning
4. I’m going to move from Iceland in 2015 nothing is changing that and I want to work at a hotel as a waitress or at some bar
5. I’m going to þjóðhátíð (its the best festival ive been on ever) 1. Agust!
6.i hate toes and nobody can go in my bellybutton I really don’t know why I just freak out
7. I live and do everything on my own just because I want to
8. I love my dog more then any person and when I go to town I just want to spend time with him or my mom because she’s my best friend and will always be.
8. I hate when people don’t do anything and get paid from the government if they can actually work
9. I’m in love with Ed sheeran and Sam smiths music
10. I just like to be alone after work and do my laundry and watch pll and I hate to party now I feel like I got from 18 to 89 in one year and I don’t have time to do anything at all like I’ve worked everyday this month except one! And I don’t mind at all

Anonymous: if you would meet 'the perf' girl would you get with her although she didn't have the pef body just the personality?

Ofc no doubt

Anonymous: Daya from OITNB hot/not?

Sorry who is that? If it’s she’s from a tv show I don’t watch anything but pll. I don’t like tv shows but there’s something about pll and emison.