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Little party never kill nobody

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Lips so French, ass so Spanish

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"you dont look gay though"
SHIT did I forget my rainbow at home AGAIN

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Fill your heart with secrets but the only way to read them is if you break your heart. 

i will forever reblog this

I think this would be a fantastic gift for someone you love. 

Tell them they can only break it when they are having a truly terrible day and feel as if it will never get better.

And as time passes and it’s not broken, you can slip pieces of paper in it, either with secrets, reasons you love them, jokes, or happy memories of things you did together. I think it would be a beautiful thing.

This is super morbid but like

Leave notes for your spouse and loved ones right while you’re alive and healthy and happy

And make breaking this part of your will when you’re gone whenever that is

  That’s actually kind of beautiful.

Wow that is freaking incredible.


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I’d love to sit there and just drink my tea, listening to the rain

I’d love to have sex there and listen to the rain between moans

there are two kinds of people

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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence

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Anonymous: What are you majoring in?


Anonymous: How do I start a convo with a girl I like?

Hey or something simple haha I don’t know

Anonymous: Are you on the final year there?


Anonymous: Would you date a 16yrs?


Anonymous: 5'6 brunette, hazel eyes, dimples and two distinct freckles near my lips. Femme. I like to go out and have a good time as much as I can. I like to write, paint, and make music. Im a big cuddler and love to spend days watching movies in bed. Im pretty mellow and just like to go with the flow. Im hoping to move out to California soon and start my life out there. And I think your really cute:)

You sound like a great person and thank you!

Anonymous: Ok, I think the Owww was not a good thing (the language lover profile)!lol

Lover profile? I don’t get this conversation haha